Bear Safari - Know More About Bears in Rajgir Zoo Safari

In Rajgir Zoo Safari, you will see a couple of Sloth bears which are also known as Indian Bear. Know more about sloth bears in Rajgir Zoo Safari
A total of 5 types of animals are kept in Rajgir Zoo Safari. All these animals are kept in different blocks. These blocks have been named Safari. The first block of these is Herbivore Safari, in which you will see many species of deer. And the second block is Bear Safari. In these, you will see bears.

In Bear Safari you will get to see a pair of bears. One of these is a male bear and the other is a female bear. This species of bear is called a sloth bear, also known as Indian Bear. It is found in all the forest areas of India such as the forests of Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh etc. The sloth bear is also found in some warm places in Nepal and Bhutan. They are small in size compared to other bears found around the world. Also, their colour is black and there is a V-shaped white mark on the chest.
180 degree 3D Theatre in Rajgir Zoo Safari
180 degree 3D Theatre in Rajgir Zoo Safari

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The sloth bear is a herbivorous creature, its favourite food is fruits, vegetables, and green leaves. But he also likes to eat insects very much, therefore it is also called a labiated bear. Its large lips are used to catch ants, termites, and larvae from the ground. It is common to see them digging the soil with their large sharp nails.

Although this pair of bears like to live separately, during breeding they come closer to each other. The breeding season of sloth bears begins in summer and they give birth to babies in early winter. Like other animals, sloth bears also attack humans as soon as they feel threatened.

Sloth bears are very clumsy. But in running he can defeat any athlete. Sloth bears do not know how to climb trees well, hence they are not able to climb all types of trees. They are also good swimmers. They often go into the water to bathe and play.

You must have seen a bear show in your street in your childhood. The owner uses sloth bears to play. Because it is quite easy to tame the sloth bear. And due to these reasons, their number has reduced considerably. Because people keep them illegally and kill them because of their nails.