Butterfly Show - Another Beautiful Place to Visit in Rajgir Zoo Safari

Butterfly Show is shown in the dark room through the projector. To double the fun of Rajgir Zoo Safari, definitely watch the butterfly show.
Although there are many places to visit in Rajgir Zoo Safari, there is another beautiful place among them where the butterfly show is shown. This is a hall where you will see butterflies flying all over. Also, the melodious background music will give a lot of peace to your mind.

Butterfly Room is built adjacent to the Interpretation Center in which videos of butterflies are shown on all hall walls through a projector. The motion picture of butterflies on all the walls together gives a 360-degree view, which looks as if we are standing among many beautiful butterflies.
180 degree 3D Theatre in Rajgir Zoo Safari
180 degree 3D Theatre in Rajgir Zoo Safari

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About 10 projectors have been installed in different directions in the Butterfly Room, in which videos are played simultaneously. Seeing colourful butterflies flying around us in a dark room provides a very beautiful experience for the audience. Be sure to visit the butterfly room adjacent to the interpretation centre and watch the butterfly show.